Birthday Reminder

Once you import your friends and family, Giftata automatically adds birthday reminders.

Calendar Sync

We’ll pull out all the holidays and special days to make better gifting suggestions based on what’s already in your calendar.

Timely Notifications

Notification sequences are already setup and optimized based on our algorithm, so just let us know who you want notifications for.

Anniversary Reminder

Stay on top of your anniversary and other important occasions by allowing Giftata to set up automatic reminders.

Instant Gift Recommendations

Use our proprietary system to find thoughtful and intelligent gift suggestions for anyone, in just 30 seconds.

Discover Products

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute gift, want to treat yourself to something, or are curious what our most popular gifts are – Browse our available products at any time.

Private & Secure


Rest assured, Giftata never sells your information to any third party.


Giftata takes your privacy and security a step further by utilizing Two–Factor Authentication.

Amazon Security

Giftata utilizes secure technology from Amazon to ensure your information is safe every step of the way.

Data Safeguards

Giftata does not read or store any credit card or banking information.

Never forget an important occasion again.

Find a gift that fills your recipient with joy.

Automate your gift giving.

Join Giftata.

Effortlessly find and send gifts that are sure to bring joy to the people you care about.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giftata?

Giftata is a shopping tool that helps users find the perfect gift in seconds. Our mobile app allows users to save their friends, get free birthday / holiday reminders, and receive data-driven product recommendations from our AI. Whether you need a gift idea for someone else or just want to find great products for yourself, Giftata is the simplest place to do so.

Does Giftata sell my information?

No. Giftata never sells user information. With us, you can trust that your information is safe.

What does Giftata do with the information I enter in the app?

Information you enter in the Giftata app is used to improve your individual user experience.

  • When you sync your contacts, you’ll be able to add ‘friends’ so we can automatically set up reminders for you.
  • When you sync your calendar we’ll automatically set up holiday, wedding, and other special occasion reminders for you.
  • When you input additional information about yourself or gift recipients, we will use that information to make better product recommendations.

Will Giftata contact my friends or phone contacts?

No. Giftata does not abuse access to your data and as such we do not contact anyone whose information we only received from you or your device(s) without your permission.

Do I have to download the app to use Giftata?

In order to take full advantage of Giftata’s reminders and AI product recommendation engine, users need to download the mobile app. However, we do also have a shopping portal available on web.

How Secure is Giftata?

Giftata uses two factor authentication for every new user, and we do not view or save any payment information. All information provided by users during sign up or account setup is protected by Amazon Web Services.

How does Giftata use my information?

Any personal, private, family, or friend information you provide will strictly be used to improve your individual user experience.

Do I have to give Giftata information on my friends and family?

No. Giftata does not share or sell any private information, but we definitely understand if you don’t trust us yet. You’ll still be able to take advantage of many features within the Giftata app, such as reminders and shopping for products, even if you don’t input additional details on your friends and family.

Does Giftata collect my contacts if I sync with the app?

No. Giftata is built with the belief that user privacy comes first, and we never harvest contact information. Even after you sync your contacts, we still have not yet saved any information. The only contact information stored on our servers is that of your friends after you’ve specifically created profiles for them.

How can I delete my account and remove my information from Giftata?

If you would like to delete your account and any information associated with your account, please email from the email address used to register your account.