Our Mission

To bring the joy back to giving and receiving gifts.

It was the holiday season and I scoured the internet in search of the perfect gifts for my parents and siblings. I wanted to be thoughtful and give each of them gifts that made them feel known, but in my search for the perfect gifts, all I came across were general categories like “for her”, ‘sponsored’ recommendations, paid ad placements, and flat out tacky gifts.

I founded Giftata with the belief that unbiased product recommendations should be available in an instant, and we should never have to sacrifice our privacy to obtain them. With Giftata, you’ll know your data is safeguarded and never sold. Some call us crazy, we call it integrity.

Together with your help, we’ll bring joy back to giving and receiving gifts.

Dalton Fowler

Our Team

We're a diverse team of mixed personalities, all working towards common goals and with the same vision - Build something great, that's helpful for everyone, and that changes society by making life simpler... and do it all while bringing the joy back to giving and receiving gifts.

Our Why

  • 1

    Building something that makes everyone's life simpler is what motivates us

  • 2

    We make our users' lives more enjoyable by providing a desperately needed service

  • 3

    We're bringing joy back to giving and receiving gifts